• System management tools with field perspectives
    The key to your solution is here.

    Senju Family  system management tools with field perspectives. The key to your solution is here.
  • Integration of Development and Operation

    Achieve DevOps by linking information.

    Integration of Development and Operation  Achieve DevOps by linking information
  • As a package. As SaaS.

    Flexible system management in the cloud era.

    As a package. As SaaS. Flexible system management in the cloud era.

IT Management tool developed from experiences and knowledges of our IT Management Service.

From operation improvement to cloud management

NRI has experience and achievements in system management for more than 40 years, primarily in the financial industry.

Consolidating abundant system management know-how of NRI, Senju is a system management tool that is specific to its in-the-field perspective.
From system monitoring and basic functions such as job scheduling and so on, we are providing all-in-one features such as integration of a varied multitude of management tools and IT service management that is compliant with ITIL, as well as unified management of a hybrid cloud environment which are necessary for system management.
Based on the functionality of Senju, mPLAT is a system management infrastructure cloud service specific to cloud management such as AWS and Azure.
“Senju” means the hands of a thousand in Japanese.
You can have high expectations for Senju to achieve cost and effort intensive system management cleverly.

Senju Family

Senju Family

As a package.
Accumulated frontline know-how--the evolution from Operation to Development.

NRI has maintained and operated systems in Japanese companies for over 40 years.
Experienced field operation teams are the developers of our tools, based on years' of know-how--that is why the tools are filled with easy-to-see and user-friendly functions appreciated at frontlines.

Senju/DCSenju DevOperation Conductor

Achieves DevOps in enterprise systems Arrow
  • Monitoring
  • Event management
  • Job schedule
  • Configuration
  • Capacity
  • Runbook automation
  • DevOps portal
  • IT relation management
  • AWS/Azure management

Senju/ENSenju Enterprise Navigator

Management foundation that smartly integrates a complex system management environment Arrow
  • Message integration
  • Advanced filtering
  • Automated regular monitoring
  • Linking with external tools
  • Automatic issuance of incident report
  • Business impact identification
  • Navigation for failure workaround
  • Filtering template
  • Senju/EN ESP

Senju/SMSenju Service Manager

Achieves operational excellence in ITIL and ISO20000(ITSMS) processes Arrow
  • Service desk
  • Incident Management
  • Service request
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Service level management
  • IT Asset & Config Management
  • Request Fulfillment


As SaaS.
By providing system management platform as a cloud service, shift from "Owning" tools to "Using" platform service.

"mPLAT" is a Senju Family-based service that offers systems management platform through SaaS. This allows users to be freed from maintaining system management tools and to focus on operating business applications.

mPLAT/SOPSelf Operation Platform

Systems operations platform that achives automation and highterefficencty of systems operations Arrow

mPLAT/SMPIT Service Management Platform

Service management platform that supports IT service management processes Arrow

mPLAT/IWCITSM Watch Center

Monitoring service that supports continuous service improvement Arrow

mPLAT/AECAuto Event Call

Service that automatically notifies users of event occurrence Arrow

mPLAT/MDVMonitoring Dashboard View

Dashboard service that visualizes the status of IT services and IT Infrastructure Arrow

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